Know Your Worth.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Valuing yourself can be one of the best things to do in order to make yourself feel good, to recognise your strengths and to help you realise and rationalise your place in the world.

It may be hard in these times to consider your actual value. With the importance of everybody's individual roles to society having quite rightly been thrust into the spotlight, many people doing jobs that we used to take for granted are now shown for just how important they actually are. Though, It might make you feel that your contributions are not as important, or you might feel undervalued because you think you aren't doing things that are as important as others.

Once we emerge from this madness, it is my hope that everyone is recognised for the contributions they make to real life. Regardless of their job, function or role, and we continue to big each other up and support each other to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.


Regardless of what you do... You are normality. You are a key part of EVERYONE maintaining a normal life, And while it is wonderful that EVERYONE's true worth is being recognised, you should never underestimate your own worth. Everyone has a part to play in allowing people to live a normal comfortable life, the type of life up until now we'd become accustomed to.

But please remember,

You've been immensely important before this, and you'll absolutely be even more important after this. Even if just now you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or even devalued. With more people than ever contributing to getting us through this, although we shouldn't be seeking gratification, its undeniable that you might feel that you're just going through the motions and your contributions are not as important as they used to be.

Quick points:

1. Keep positive. Know your worth, Regardless of what you do. One way or another, knowing your contribution no matter how minor it may seem to you. The tiniest of things can have the largest of effects on someone's life and YOU are responsible for that.

2. Knowing your worth to others as well as your own is great for your mental health BUT is also important for your family. The way they value your contributions through this crisis will be doing wonders for them. While they may worry, take comfort in knowing that deep down, knowing that you are keeping things are normal for them and others will be of comfort and a great mental curer. So have those conversations. Discuss what you're doing and how their support helps you. Also, encourage them. Let them know how THEIR contributions have helped you get through this. Bigging each other up no matter how trivial it may seem is always good for a welcome boost.

It is important to note however that sometimes, we just need to be content with ourselves and who we are at that time. Never mind digging too deep, but rather recognise that you are just who you are. Being comfortable in ones skin and whatever your place in this world. There's always a quality that makes you, you.

There's a nice inspirational quote I'd like to finish with. It goes like this:

"When green is all there is to be

It could make you wonder why

But why wonder...

I am green and it'll do fine

It's beautiful

And I think it's what I want to be".

Those wise words spoken by Kermit The Frog. Be proud of what you are and who you are. Always.

Darren Miller

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