As the Service rise to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we now focus on enhancing the behaviours and values that positively impact our workplace cultures.


Compassion is essential to building team connections and resilience; nurture this by regularly reflecting and debriefing together. Self-care and self-compassion is essential to allow us to be as well and as full a participant in a team as possible. To avoid burnout, we must take the time we need to consider how we are and what, if any, help we need.


Four behaviours can really make a difference to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us:

  • Paying Attention to how staff and colleagues around us are acting and asking them how they are feeling – this can be really impactful

  • Understanding the situations they face

  • Empathising with the way they feel

  • Helping by taking thoughtful and appropriate action to help relieve their suffering if possible

We all know the benefit of being treated kindly. Evidence shows that being on the receiving end of uncivil behaviours can negatively impact our wellbeing and ability to provide high quality care. It may be easy to recognise and feel aggrieved by unkind behaviours, not rising to these is another matter.


When someone has been rude to us, take time to consider:

  • the thought processes and situational factors that may have contributed to their actions

  • how to best deal with this, with kindness - should we speak to them about their behaviour? If so when and where? And, most importantly, how we do so; we should aim to underpin these conversations with curiosity and respect.


No matter our position in an organisation, our behaviours have ripple effects. If someone speaks to us about our own behaviours, we need to pause to consider how we may have come across and how we can change things going forward. Taking some time to reflect before we react can allow us to get to a faster and kinder resolution.

A respectful and kind workplace brings enormous benefits to those who work in it and we all have a crucial role to play in ensuring that this is the case.